1 March, 2021

A Guide to the Best destinations in Turkey

Antalya is a wonderful destination not only for sun and sea but also for its diversity of top destinations. With the preserved ancient streets of its ancient city a hive of historic interest, the diverse collection of idyllic beach resorts geared mainly towards absolute relaxation and peace, along its narrow coast, there are lots of things to do on Antalya. 

The unique mix of natural beauty, modern luxury, and historic ruins leaves Antalya an ideal holiday destination for any type of traveler.

The most popular destinations 

Antalya is mostly known for its beaches and there is a good selection of some of the most popular destinations on the island. The most popular is of course Marmaris which is home to the best English accommodation facilities in the Mediterranean region. 

Other top destinations include Dalaman, Kinaliada, Mykonos, and Paros. For a more varied experience there is the picture-perfect stretch of sandy coast on the northern part of Antalya known as “Golden Triangle”.

The picturesque village of Gokova

Apart from the fabulous beaches there are many other things to see on an Antalya trip. A short drive from the beaches there is the picturesque village of Gokova, where an old-fashioned Soviet schoolhouse is the perfect place to catch a few words of history. Just opposite, is the archaeological site of Kavoico. 

Best places to visit in Antalya

This impressive site includes remnants of Neolithic houses, frescoed walls, stone cemeteries, and a gigantic collection of wooden artifacts. If you are interested in more ruins and ancient remains then Stokova is the perfect place to visit, home to the only remaining mansion of St. Nicholas, which was destroyed by the Germans during the World War II.

Discover the Roman Amphitheater

To enjoy your time on Antalya, don’t forget to see the sights! One of the most striking and well worth seeing ruins on Antalya is the so-called “Roman Amphitheater”. Built in 72 BC, it is one of the best-preserved examples of amphitheaters in the world. 

The Arenas Maritima

If you like gladiators then you will love to view the Arenas Maritima, a stadium that was used during the Roman times for athletic competitions such as boxing. This sightseeing activity is free of charge and is organized every Sunday.

The Dorians in Antalya

Another must see ruins on Antalya are those of the so-called “Dorians”, a group of round buildings strategically placed on a cliff top. These ruins date from the 7th century, and cover about half a square kilometer. The most famous building of this period, which offers a great view of the sea and the surrounding area, is the sanctuary of the Roman goddess Diana at Perge. 

This holy temple served as the residence of the goddess for many centuries, and you can admire her statue today.

the rich Roman architecture

If you are not interested in religion, you will also be attracted by the rich Roman architecture, highlighted by two large colonnades, which were added later by Pope Sixtus IV.

Ancient Roman ruins in Antalya will fascinate both history buffs and nature enthusiasts, who will find the Meditteranean Sea a great location for deep-sea fishing. On the northern coast of Antalya, you will find the remains of ancient Roman settlements, whose remnants reveal the lifestyle of these ancient people. Among them you can find the Aqueduct of Diocletian, a large stadium where the favorite games of football and baseball were played.

the Archaeological Museum of Antalya

 If you want to learn more about the ancient Roman ruins of the region, head to the Archaeological Museum of Antalya, where you can see many spectacular models of houses and monuments from the past.

Apart from the ancient Roman ruins and other natural wonders on Antalya, another popular attraction of the region is its vast collection of Turkish archaeological finds, dating back to the 7th century. 

the picturesque Paphos Island

Antalya has many attractions for both nature lovers and adventure seekers, including the picturesque Paphos Island, a world heritage site and one of the most photographed tourist spots in all of Turkey. Other attractions on this small island include Byzantine churches, the Piazza del Popolo, a Roman amphitheater, and Byzantine buildings, as well as the ruins of an early town, Acropolis.

Advanture trip in Antalya

Turkey has long been a top destination for Mediterranean vacations, due to its wonderful beaches and attractions, but it also offers a number of great attractions for tourists looking for a more challenging trip. Antalya is home to some beautiful beaches, with turquoise seaside and rocky cliffs, whilst the mountains on the northern side of the country to offer visitors the opportunity to trek through the lush landscape. 

Festivals in Antalya

If you are planning a break over the summer, you should be aware that Antalya hosts a number of major festivals throughout the year, including the local football league, which attracts a number of international teams. The seaside resorts of Marmaris and Yenikapak offer visitors a chance to swim and tan in the warm Mediterranean water, whilst enjoying fabulous cuisine and cocktails at local bars. 

Marmaris is home to some of the most sought after luxury hotels in all of Turkey, whilst Yenikapak is home to a number of budget-friendly accommodation options.