2 March, 2021

A Guide To Egypt

Egypt is perhaps most well known for its history, with its pyramids, hieroglyphics, temples, and – more importantly – its stunning pyramids. Less well known is Egypt’s rich, varied heritage, starting with a day trip to the Great Pyramids to witness the oldest known structure in the world. This fascinating ancient destination is also the destination for some of the finest travel brochures, offering an insider’s look at the splendour of this ancient destination.


Egypt is situated on the Mediterranean coast, surrounded by the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. It shares borders with several other countries, including Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the United Arab Emirates. Tour operators often describe Egypt as a state in transition, with revolution continuing to engulf the country. A key feature of this rapidly changing political landscape is the modern history of Egypt. This brief history has enthralled the imagination of countless tourists over the years, captivating their travel desires and providing a window into the country’s fascinating past.


Egypt is a diverse country, home to an impressive range of geographical features. The country has a coastline along the eastern coast of Africa, the Gulf of Suez and the Western Desert. North of Egypt lies the Red Sea, which provides a sheltered departure from the mainland route. A journey along the western coast takes you into the Sinai Peninsula, where there is a wealth of historic sites and spectacular scenery. The eastern coastline has the Pyramids of Giza, the Luxor temple complex, and the beautiful Suez Canal.

Suez Canal - HISTORY

Archaeology has been an important part of ancient Egypt. Excavations have yielded a wide variety of precious artefacts including farming implements, petrifying bones, mummification goods, pottery, and even ancient architecture. In recent years, a significant increase in tourism has led to an explosion in archaeological activity, particularly in Giza and the surrounding areas. Many private organizations welcome archeologists to help them research their site. These experts can take advantage of specialized equipment such as remotely operated vehicles, and bulldozers, as well as their knowledge and experience.

Egyptian art has developed a unique place in the world of contemporary art. The country is known for its large number of portrait paintings, particularly of famous personalities. However, the timeless quality of ancient Egyptian artwork has also been recognized by a number of other artists. Britain is an increasingly popular destination for those looking to purchase original works of art and a number of European galleries now showcase Egyptian art. It has been suggested that Egypt is now becoming a fashionable location for modern artists looking to buy contemporary artwork.

Showcase egyptian art - Egypt
You can visit historical sites, including pyramids in Egypt

Egypt is a great holiday destination for anyone looking for an exciting holiday. The country offers a host of different activities to engage the body and the mind. Excursions can be undertaken on Foot, Bike, or Caravan. You can visit historical sites, including pyramids, temples, and tombs. You can also try adventure sports, such as scuba diving, trekking, and skiing.


Egypt can be explored by Foot, Bike, or Caravan. Foot tours are often informative and often romantic. Bike tours give the visitor the opportunity to see the desert at close quarters and offer some of the best off-road cycling adventures. Caravan camping allows the camper’s accommodation to be flexible and can even be based on the sandy beaches of the Red Sea or in the desert.