1 March, 2021
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Traveling in 2021 – here’s what to expect


It’s 2021! We are missing traveling. We’ve survived the roller coaster of the year 2020 was and the new year carries with it a lot of cheer and optimism.

The new year is also the moment when lists are drawn up and when dreaming of the much-awaited holidays is at its height.

Although the pandemic slowed down travel plans around the globe in 2020, it has in no way stopped our ability to explore and find new areas. Once again, we’re all set to pack our packs.

So, what kind of travel looks like in 2021? Here’s precisely what we predict.

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Road tours around the country

Road trips saw a spurt as the lockdown relaxed, and this is a development that is sure to persist even as air and rail journeys open up. Flexibility and safety of road trips are the greatest appeals.

You should take off anytime the opportunity arises; the journey becomes as vital as the destination and the experience helps you to pack more and enjoy the trip at your own pace.

A road trip through India also means sampling local cuisine, taking in diverse scenery, driving through picturesque villages and towns, and enjoying the big, open spaces—a much-needed respite from our boring city life.

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Slow and deliberate discovery in our own backyard.

With international travel already on hold, visiting domestic destinations is becoming more attractive: be it areas close to where we live or the pockets of our cities that we have not yet visited. With remote working opportunities, spending longer at a destination rather than trying out a few locations at a time is likely to become normal. Longer stays and slower tempo means deliberate decisions that can benefit local communities, small homestay owners, boutique homes, guides, and specialty operators to help the industry.

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Learning a new skill in a new place without traveling

Because traveling is hard in this period, learning a new skill is one of the best solutions. To join in a shared activity is one of the easiest ways to engage as a family or with close friends. The pattern is expected to accelerate in the coming year, still on the rise.

Signing up for a cooking class, learning how to paint or draw a local art form, trying your hand at picking up a craft, or ticking off that bucket list adventure activity is something most of us are looking forward to in 2021.

Craftsmen, adventure people, hotels, and homestays have been seriously affected by the pandemic, and this will go a long way to helping them get their life back to normal.

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man front walking at the airport By davidpradoperucha

Traveling expectation in 2021

Experts are optimistic about 2021 traveling. They expect that the darkest days of the pandemic will be in the rearview mirror. The way people travel has improved, but generally to the best. It is safer, costs are smaller and professional advice is available to schedule a dream ride.

The hardest thing is done. This is what Sloan Dean, CEO of Remington Hotels, thinks. Here’s how he puts it: Dec. 21 was the darkest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and one of the darkest days of the pandemic, as far as travelers are concerned. “But the turn is upon us,” he says.

By the time the summer solstice is here, America will have had access to several vaccines that are proving to be more than 90% effective. “That day will be the longest and brightest of 2021, in more ways than one,” he adds.