1 March, 2021

Tourism in Tunisia

Tunisia, formally the Republic of Tunisia, lies in the Maghreb (North) region of North Africa, covered by the sea and peninsular areas in an area of approximately 160,000 square kilometres. Its southernmost point is the town of Sousse, which enjoys a coastline of several hundred kilometres. The country is covered with thick forests and mountains and the tourist infrastructure is sparse. Nonetheless, Tunisia’s diverse and unique top tourist attractions have won it the vote of the World Travel Awards 2021.

Tunisia's most important tourist attraction

descover the desert in Tunisia

Tunisia’s most important tourist attraction is undoubtedly the Sahara desert. This long and narrow strip of land is home to a variety of wildlife including the leopards, wild cats, gazelles, desert goats, deer, and wild boars among other interesting flora and fauna. Tunisia is also known for hosting a large number of foreign tourist especially from France, Italy, Germany, and Britain who come to take part in the annual ‘habitat of Tunis’. In this way, Tunisia forms an extremely important gateway for the western Mediterranean as well as the international tourist trade during the last decade.

Another major tourist destination in Tunisia is the Oases. They are sandy areas surrounding several oases in the south-western part of Tunisia. They offer an amazing opportunity to observe wild animals like gazelles, sheep, lions, cheetahs, deer, wild horses, and zebras among other species. The local people use fire to keep the animals in check while visitors enjoy the sight of them. In addition, Tunisia has a rich archaeological history and the country has many pre-Christian sites which form a major attraction for historians.


discover the oasis in Chebika Tunisia